Steel Self Lock Scaffolding

Light weight and easy to erect.
•Comes in 3 base sizes: 1.5m x 1.5m, 2.1m x 2.1m and 3m x 3m.
•Comes with base jacks and brake lock castors.
•Complete towers consists of scaffold frames, tie bars / guard rails, hook on boards, trapdoor, access ladders, toe boards and toe board clips, knee braces, plan braces castors or base jacks.


Steel Kwikstage Scaffolding

Ideal for the construction industry.
•A tower consists of Standards, Ledgers, Hook on boards, trap door, toe boards and toe boards clips, scaffold tubes or diagonal braces and connectors.
•Components comes in various lengths.
•Comes with base jacks and castors.


  Size Code          

  1200 x 600 mm
STS 42          
  1524 x 908 mm
STS 53          
  2134 x 908 mm
STS 73          
  3048 X 908 MM
STS 103          

Cross Brace

  Size Code        

  1200 mm
STCB 42        
  1500 mm
STBC 53        
  2100 mm
STBC 73        
  3000 mm
STBC 103        


  Size Code        
    1200 mm
STPLAT 42        
  1500 mm
STPLAT 53        
  2100 mm
STPLAT 73        
  3000 mm
STPLAT 103        

Scaffold Castors

  Size Code        

  150 mm NYP / 35mm
  150 mm PUB / 35 mm
  200 mm PUB / 38 mm




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